SwitchPay Documentation

Learn how to integrate SwitchPay into your business.

What is SwitchPay?

SwitchPay software solution represents a white-label technical payment gateway infrastructure, specifically designed for platforms, payment providers and merchants. SwitchPay uses a micro-services API-based approach to provide one integration to multiple payment providers (or switches) and enables clients to start processing and/or accepting payments easily. SwitchPay covers card, direct debit, mobile, wallet and alternative payment methods across the US and EU.

What is SwitchPay
Learn about what SwitchPay is and what problems it solves.
Integrating SwitchPay
Learn how to integrate SwitchPay with your solution to process online payments.
Supported currencies
Learn about currencies supported by SwitchPay.

Select your use case

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Accept online payments
Learn how to process credit card and Apple Pay payments with SwitchPay.
Setup your organisation
Learn how to configure your organisation to support your use case.
Manage your merchants
Learn how to create, onboard and manage your merchants.
Generate reports for your account
Learn how to generate reports for your account.

SwitchPay API reference

SwitchPay API reference can be found here.

SwitchPay JavaScript SDK documentation can be found here.