Manage your merchants

SwitchPay Merchants are the third level in the hierarchy. Merchants are the entities, to which Buyers send money to buy goods or services. Merchants have no access to view data and transactions of other merchants (connected to the same or different Branch or Organisation). Merchants cannot create other Merchants. Merchants can create their own Submerchants, which after creation are pending verification and confirmation by Merchant’s Branch or Organisation.

Select a guide

Select a guide that matches your use case to learn how to use SwitchPay to manage your merchants.

Create a merchant
Learn how to create a new merchant and add it to your branch and organisation.
Onboarding a merchant
Learn how to enable payouts by onboarding a merchant.
Manage bank accounts
Learn how to manage merchant’s bank accounts
Setting bank payouts
Learn how to execute a bank payout to an onboarded merchant.
File upload
Learn how to upload files required for merchant onboarding process.
Configure Statement Descriptors
Learn how to configure statement descriptors for connected accounts.