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Organisations in SwitchPay are the highest User hierarchy level. Organisations can create and manage all level of users, directly or indirectly connected to them. Organisations are intended for companies which want to have distributed payments processing channels and usually manage several Branches (or Entities), each supporting different geographies, currencies and merchants types. Organisations have access to view and manage the data and transactions of all their Branches, Merchants or Submerchants.

Branches (or Entities) are the second level in the hierarchy. Branches can create and manage only subordinate Merchants and Submerchants, can view and manage their data and transactions. If an Organisation has several Branches, then a Branch has no access to view or manage other Branches data, merchants and transactions.

SwitchPay provides a dashboard that can be accessed by users added to a specific branch.

Select a guide

Select a guide that matches your use case to learn how to use SwitchPay to manage your organisation.

Setup a new Branch in Organisation
Learn how to add a new branch to your organisation.
Enable Stripe integration for your branch
Learn how to add Stripe configuration to your branch so that SwitchPay can handle all Stripe communication for you.
Handle SwitchPay webhooks
Learn how get notified about changes into your branch.
Add users to my organisation
Learn how to add additional users to your organisation.
Authorising API requests
Learn how to obtain API credentials and authorise SwitchPay API requests on behalf of your branch.