Integrating SwitchPay

This guide outlines the steps necessary to integrate SwitchPay in order to accept payments.

In order to start integrating SwitchPay you should have your organisation registered. Contact to register your organisation in SwitchPay.

Integration steps assumes that your organisation is created and you have received the access tokens generated for you.

Before you start read our what is SwitchPay guide to learn more about SwitchPay.

By following steps below you should be able to integrate SwitchPay and perform your first payment transaction.

1. Obtain Access Tokens

SwitchPay is using JWT access tokens to authorise API requests. The secret keys you’ve received allows you to generate access token which should be included in following API requests.

Read the authorising API requests guide to learn how to obtain access token.

2. Enable Stripe Integration

SwitchPay is a technical PSP it requires to be connected to actual PSP to process payment transactions.

Follow the enable Stripe integration guide to configure Stripe integration for your branch.

In testing phase configure yours test credentials for Stripe that way you won't issue real payments while testing.

3. Create a Merchant

In SwitchPay merchants represents entities from which buyers are purchasing goods and to which are sending money. You need to create a merchant in order to accept payment transactions. Follow the create a Merchant guide and create your first merchant.

4. Accept a Payment

Once you have a merchant you can start accepting a payments. In SwitchPay processing payments is separated into the server and client side therefore you’ll need to integrate SwitchPay JS into your checkout page.

Follow the accept a credit card payment guide to learn how to integrate SwitchPay JS and perform online, credit card payment.

5. Add users to my organisation

Processed transactions can be viewed on our dashboard but you need an email and password to log in. Check our add users to my organisation guide to learn how to add users to your organisation.

Next Steps

Once you’ve integrated basic payment flow you may try more more complex scenarios like accepting an Apple Pay payment or merchant onboarding.